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Key Themes

Theme A:
 Assessing and/or Restoring Disturbed Watersheds

Sediment Related Risk Assessment                                                                              
Fine Particle Behavior                                                                                                    
Sediment Geochemistry                                                                                    
Disturbed Catchments: Modelling and Measurement                                    
Organic Matter and Particle Behavior
Contaminant fluxes and storage in disturbed systems                                               
Sediment fluxes in natural and disturbed systems                                                            
Managing sediment quality/remediation of sediments                                                    
Catchment research platforms and management policy                                                   
Contaminant and nutrient behaviour in disturbed systems
Impact of wildfires on water ecosystems                                                         

Theme B: Sediment-Water Linkages in Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments

Sediment Budgets: Catchment Transfers                                                                     
Sediment Budgets: Supply and Storage                                                            
Floodplain Sediment Storage                                                                            
Sediment Associated Contaminant Transfers                                                  
Sediment Associated Nutrient Transfers          
Sediment Transport        
Soil Erosion
Monitoring/modelling sediment yields at multiple scales
Use of tracer technologies in sediment-water science
Dynamics of fine cohesive sediments

Theme C: Evaluating Change in Saline and/or Freshwater Habitats

Bio-Sediment Interactions                                                                                            
Sediment Associated Contaminants                                                                 
Sediment Dynamics in Aquatic Systems                                                           
Hydrodynamic Effects on Sediment Processes 
Paleo-sediment Approach
Sediment reconstruction, contaminants
Wood and fluvial ecosystems
Effect of wood on sediment structure and sorting                                                                                                                       

Theme D: Developments in monitoring and measuring sediment-water interactions and dynamics


Theme E: The role of sediment within catchment, river basin and coastal management